27 September 2021

A leading UK transport training company calls for urgent action to recruit new large goods vehicle (LGV) drivers to save SME businesses and working together to develop long-term solutions.

“While there is a national shortage of LGV drivers, and we are fully aware of the need for the supply chain to continue with food and medical deliveries, we must give more thought to the local, small business community that rely on LGV drivers.” Said John Kelly, lead transport trainer at Huntmill Training Ltd.

John went on to give an example “Take a small builders merchant with 2-3 drivers who may employ up to thirty other people within other roles in the business. All these jobs are at risk if supplies cannot reach 
manufacturers/merchants and deliveries not made to customers. Drivers are leaving for more attractive salaries with the bigger hauliers and businesses. This ultimately will lead to higher prices, loss of customers and ultimately 
businesses that have already struggled to survive the COVID pandemic, failing or making people unemployed.”

Huntmill Training as specialists to SME businesses that rely on transport, are leading the way locally by highlighting the knock-on effects and potential risks not just with driver shortages, but also the effect of qualified LGV 
drivers leaving in pursuit of higher salaries, stripping the industry of experience and expertise, and potentially putting safety at risk.

“We are ideally placed in the industry to support local SME’s with these issues,” said John, “the answer lies with auditing current processes; exploring options and ideas to transport goods e.g. transport/driver sharing with other 
SME’s; intelligent ordering/resource sharing; using vans/other modes of transport; making the most of the upcoming scrapping of the requirement for trailer training for cat B vehicles and training in better understanding of 
transport laws and drivers hours rules to improve efficiency. This is going to be a long-term problem that needs long term solutions/thinking out of the box not just quick fix/knee jerk reaction.”

Huntmill Training is a provider of specialist adult vocational training and education for the transport and healthcare sectors, delivering excellent quality courses at an affordable price and with a great reputation. We aim to 
promote learning in an interesting, caring, and supportive environment and to enable all people to advance their knowledge in a practical and enjoyable way.